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Bedugul Tour

Taman Ayun Temple.
A huge state temple of Mengwi Kingdom surrounded by a wide moat. The temple was built in 1634.Outside yard with open grassy expanse and meeting hall for held the meeting, dance performance and sometime cockfighting. Middle yard built high wood bell (Kulkul). Outside yard to middle yard separate by open gate and from middle yard to inner courtyard separate by close gate. Inner courtyard has a lot of multifarious shrines (Meru), from first till the highest one. The visitor allowing to see the inner courtyard from outside only.

Second stop at Jatiluwih comes from 2 Balinese words jati + luwih. Jati means real, and luwih means beautiful or excellent. This name is given to the vast stretch of rice field dug in terraces on the slope of mount Batukaru. The rice terrace forms beautiful sight at all seasons, during the watering, or before planting the rice looks like a tremendous construction big glass with irregular size of frames.

Third stop at Ulundanu (Beratan Lake)
The temple well known with Ulundanu Temple Ulun it's mean heart and danu it's mean lake. The temple dedicated to the Gods of lake or waters (Danu Goddes).The lake supply a lot of water to the rice field. The temple founded in 17th century by the King of Mengwi. In outside yard there is Buddhist temple and big Banyan tree. This temple is the important temple in the mountain used for Nyegara Gunung ceremony, nyegara (ocean) and Gunung (mountain). The visitor can rent speed boat to go around the lake.

Alas Kedaton one of the attractions in Bali with a monkey forest life, has the charm of dense forests and inhabited by monkeys, amount to hundreds, there are also a bunch of big bat / bats hanging in the tree of life to sleep while waiting for nightfall, they usually spend time hanging the branches of large trees in the forest behind it.

Tanah Lot Tample.
The temple perched on a little rocky islet. This temple was built in 16th century by the Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha who built many temple near the sea around the island such as Rambut Siwi Temple in west of Bali, Pulaki Temple and Ponjok Batu Temple in North of Bali. In western side there are small temple built.One of the temple in the top rock with hole it's Batu Bolong Temple, Batu it's mean Rock and Bolong it's mean hole.
After watching the sunset in Tanah Lot, we proceed to have dinner and then take you back to the hotel.

Kintamani Tour
USD 45

Uluwatu Tour
USD 35

Bedugul Tour
USD 50